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S'mores and More our first Fireside Gathering was a Success

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S'more Supplies

A big thank you to everyone who came out last weekend to make s'mores with us at our first Fireside Gathering. We had a ton of fun and we've been able to gather a few "findings" about s'mores. To help distil them for your use we've created a top 10 list of what I like to call S'more Science. And let me tell you we used rigorous testing methodologies. Though they may have been clouded by the copious amounts of sugar from all the sweets, but we'll still share them in the name of all things that are fun about camping.

S'more fire

CampEats Top 10 S'more Science Findings 

  1. Chocolate with liquid filling inside overwhelms s'mores
  2. Extra non-liquid chocolate flavoring goodies like rice crispies or chili powder are awesome -- one of the unexpected hits was the potato chip chocolate 
  3. There is no "right" way to roast a marshmallow though dropping them in the fire or on the ground are considered "wrong" approaches to ending up with complete s'mores 
  4. Fancy gourmet graham crackers are a bit too frufu for our tasters
  5. Handmade marshmallows are delicious and have a more delicate and yummy flavor
  6. Cinnamon rice cakes work really well as a delectable gluten-free graham alternative 
  7. Our testers also gave flavored marshmallows a thumbs up they loved the peppermint and vanilla options we had on hand 
  8. We also had some very successful experimental techniques for roasting including inserting the chocolate inside a marshmallow prior to applying a little fireside heat -- this gives you a nice gooey center to your s'more 
  9. Testers also preferred the telescoping roasting poles to the traditional stick found in the woods methodology 
  10. Both dark and milk chocolate options work well it just depends on personal preference regarding sweetness  
Experimental s'more

And one final thought from our testers - have fun with it!