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How foodies get outside

Here at CampEat's we've been chatting with families across the country about what kinds of noms would get them into the outdoors making memories. It's clear they want simple, delicious, easy to make or ready to eat meals. But they're having trouble finding them. Instead they are eating highly processed packaged foods or just getting frustrated and staying home.

We want to change that! So we've found the best of the best and shared our recommendations. Cooking is also a big part of camping and travel for our family so you'll find our favorite recipes and general inspiration. Plus, to get folks cooking on the road we created our PocketPantry line of of travel sized kitchen essentials. 

Hard to Find Travel Size Gourmet Staples

We aren't e-commerce experts. But you can't find these products in stores or in some cases even online.  So we've bought in bulk from these small-batch producers and created what we think is the perfect kit for travel gourmet cooking.

Our PocketPantry includes the staples we use most in our cooking extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper. Plus, we added two of the messiest essentials to re-pack honey and vinegar.  So instead of worrying about exploding containers or TSA requirements foodies can grab these kits for a leg up when it comes to cooking on the road.


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