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Travel Size Isn't Just for Tooth Paste

Ah sweet innovation you've solved one of our biggest travel headaches. Oils and vinegars are now made in non-breakable flavor protecting packets. These guys are perfect for travel without adding an awful plastic after-taste you get when you re-bottle. Plus, foodie producers are making mini staples of other hard to pack essentials. 

Why these products?

These staples are used in 90% of the food we make at home and they are a huge pain to re-pack yourself. So when we found mini versions we created a kit to help you build an instant travel pantry. 

Why these food artisans?

A couple folks make this type of olive oil packet, but we chose Bellucci because they're serious about both flavor and sustainable sourcing.

When it comes to vinegar Norcal locals O are carried by the top specialty markets, plus, their fig flavor packs a subtle sweetness that makes the best dressing. 

We are also uber picky when it comes to salt. But the small-batch varieties from Jacobsen are widely regarded by foodies as the best. Plus, they have a tiny protective tin for their finishing salt and use lightweight plastic for their grinders. That's what we call road ready! 

And after an exploded container in our camp box we knew our PocketPantry needed honey. We picked Bee Local because they had a lemon flavor. So we get all the flavors we'd add to tea or dressing in a single tube.