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Fireside Cast Iron Cooking

Random Outdoor, RecipesJohanna Stein

We love to break out our cast iron at home and at the camp site. Its consistent heat distribution is a godsend when dealing with the complexities of cooking over an open campfire. And everyone loves its ability to retain heat. These properties might be why this old school way of cooking has some major staying power. Did you know the first cast iron was created during the Han dynasty

Prepping for a camping trip in 5 simple steps

Random Outdoor, Travel, Trip PlanningJohanna Stein

Camping season is just beginning here in Northern California. We just got back from our first local excursion. This was the first time we took out our full kit in 2016 as our last trip was more of a hybrid camping-luxury-hotel-culture excursion. Getting your gear in order and planning for a trip especially the first time during a season has a few special quirks, but I think there is a pretty standard 5 step process to get ready.