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And tasting the camping noms twice

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Lentil Soup

Here at CampEats we've been "testing" all the components of the Provisions Packs over the last few weeks. From some very tasty lentil soup to some wicked carrot cake pancakes I think we have already found a few winning dishes that will be sure to please. We are also working hard to make sure they all work togeather in harmony as a weekend full of meals. 

If you can't wait till the Provisions Packs are ready or you just want to try one item. I'll be posting each one after we've confirmed the tastiness as well as instructions for wilderness cooking. I was also reminded by a friend these noms would also be great to make on ski type vacations as well. There is no reason they can't be prepared in the warmth of your mountain cabin. 

Heather's Choice

We've also been starting to send out some items to our Fireside Council to have them take a stab at making them. One of the items out for taste test is Heather's Choice gluten-free, dairy-free, made in Alaska camp breakfasts. Heather just ran a successful Kickstarter to help raise funds to upgrade her packaging a buy an industrial food dehydrator. I love the story of her business, but we are still eating through the meals to confirm if they're made for family camping or if they might be more of a fit for ultralight backpacking. 


We even took one for the team and tried drinking chocolate. It is a bit like mainlining chocolate ganache. I am not really sure if that is my jam and I don't think that kiddos would really like this very foodie-centric taste profile.  But dam we added these fancy cinnamon marshmallows that we found at The Shed in Heldsberg are like dreamy pillows. I am trying to track them down so we can share all that gooey goodness with more folks. Because they are a serious coco-upgrader. 

In addition to testing things I've been trying to learn more about what kids will and won't eat. It has lead to some very entertaining conversations with both parents and the small humans. My favorite from this week included a long discussion about how dragons are responsible for heating our chicken nuggies. I also got the insightful suggestion to read Bringing Up Bébé, which apparently has a couple good chapters about what kiddos like and don't like to eat. 

beef candy

I have also had a lesson in what dogs want to eat. Noodle stole a package of our Beef Candy while I was getting the mail. That pooch climbed on to the back of our couch and propped her feet on the back of our dining chair to snatch it off our table. Though she didn't have much luck getting the package open. I am glad the whole family is into helping test delicious noms for CampEats.