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Mindfull Travel Hacks

Traveling is hard but with a little planning you can make the process of getting to your adventure even a bit fun. We've perfected our methods by logging millions of airline miles across the globe both for business and pleasure. Plus, we've camped every where from boat-in-sites in the Everglades to backcountry slot canyons in Utah. So you name it (Yurts-Penthouses) we've stayed in a spot like it and we want to share our thoughts on how make those experiences even more delightful.

Be forewarned these tips aren't here to sell you some new gadget, rather they're written to help you take a step back and mindfully reflect on your current approach to travel.

Pack for the trip you are actually taking. 

Packing for Camping

We've all gotten home and the only un-used item in your bag was something you threw in because you thought you might do a specialized activity that wasn't already on your itinerary. To avoid overpacking take a moment and reflect on the purpose of your trip. Maybe even give it a name like Julie's Girls Only Wine Weekend or The Smith's Disney Fueled Florida Adventure.

Once you know your focus make a list either in your head or on paper of what types of activities you'll be doing. Once you've got those build out your packing list and make sure you've got the right gear. That could be high heels and a ball gown or a yoga mat and a weeks worth of work-out gear. This list is all about the focus of your trip. 

And when you have thoughts like I might go climbing maybe I should bring my shoes. Ask yourself first is that idea realistic, and second can you rent that specialized piece of equipment, and third will you feel just awful if you can't participate. Then metaphorically and physically weigh the impact of taking that special piece of gear. If it is small and not easily borrowed item like a bathing suit maybe it is worth the extra couple of ounces, but if its a bulky item like a dive kit maybe think twice. 

Use accessories to expand your adventure options 

I find the issue of extra stuff mostly applies to brining a "fancy" or an "outdoorsy" outfit just in case. Instead of bringing a full set of clothes for that "possible" occasion I include accessories that can help make an everyday outfit work for your unexpected adventure.

My go to's for outdoorsy are minimalists running shoes and leggings/joggers so I can add in a work-out or even a hike. When it comes to fancy I love scarves and jewelry because they pack light, but also deliver an impact in the transformation department.  My husband typically uses a button down to level up his game.

Have back-up food options

Your trip might be filled with amazing food - but "hanger" can strike even the best of us. Carrying something that is healthy and ready to eat will make sure you avoid spending way to much on something mediocre because you needed something to eat NOW. Eating a small snack to tide you over will also give you the flexibility to chose what you want to eat. 

Keep important daily routines 

Travel is about being open to adventure. But sometimes making space for your routine is also important. Do you wake-up every morning and grab a cup of joe? Or do you have kiddos that go to bed at the same time every night? Keeping up with these simple daily routines can bring a piece of home to your oasis away. All you need is some thoughtful planning and you can make it happen.

It might be as simple as packing some instant coffee or mapping out your route to include a stop at highly rated local coffee shops. Add a little more intention to your trip planning and you can make your daily run/coffee/snuggle/mediation happen.

Create travel routines 

Humans are creatures of habit. Dealing with the known likely takes less mental energy than the unknown. Thats why creating workflows and processes make life more efficient. And it leaves more "mental" room for creativity and adventure where it really matters. 

Some of our favorite travel routines include:

  • Storing wedding rings on our charging phones over-night to keep them from getting lost in a new place
  • Keeping a case filled with travel chargers inside our empty suit-case
  • Having a personal drop-kit with travel size personal care items
  • Filling a rotating bag of snacks ready for the road
  • Making sure we've got an easy to carry bag for daily excursions 
  • Tossing in a travel steamer if we need to look presentable 
  • Storing photos of important documents in the cloud in case they get lost

We hope our mindful travel hacks were helpful. And if you have some of your own you'd like to share drop us a line.