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Prepping for a camping trip in 5 simple steps

Random Outdoor, Travel, Trip PlanningJohanna Stein

Camping season is just beginning here in Northern California. We just got back from our first local excursion. This was the first time we took out our full kit in 2016 as our last trip was more of a hybrid camping-luxury-hotel-culture excursion. Getting your gear in order and planning for a trip especially the first time during a season has a few special quirks, but I think there is a pretty standard 5 step process to get ready.

Napa and Sonoma Inspiration

Random Outdoor, TravelJohanna Stein

To celebrate the new year and get inspired we took a weekend trip up to Napa and Sonoma with some foodie friends from Chicago. On our adventure, we explored several wineries that are "family businesses". CampEats is like a newborn compared with these established, multi-generational, powerhouses that have grown from someone's dream to sustainable enterprises. I wanted to share a few of their stories and