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Scouting the Location for the 1st Fireside Gathering

Business, EventsJohanna Stein
Pups at the Park

The dogs and I went to John Mclaren Park today to scout the location for our first Fireside Gathering. They did a little sniffing and I found the perfect spot to put my portable fire pit. Yes I am that girl with her own portable fire pit. What that says about me I'm not sure.


What I do know is that everyone who can make it to the park on Saturday is going to have a blast. I've tried to curate a wide array of options to make s'mores -- from the fancy kit to the old standbys we've got them. What I am looking forward to trying is the chili chocolate. My theory is that a spicy chocolate dark chocolate will make for a yummy adult treat. 

If you'd like to come or know someone in the Bay Area who'd like to attend just RSVP. The event is free and attendees will be the first folks to give feedback on our new CampEats Provisions Packs. 

Plus, the weather looks just right for a fireside treat!

Photos - Jo Stein