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Fireside Cast Iron Cooking

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We love to break out our cast iron at home and at the camp site. Its consistent heat distribution is a godsend when dealing with the complexities of cooking over an open campfire. And everyone loves its ability to retain heat. These properties might be why this old school way of cooking has some major staying power. Did you know the first cast iron was created during the Han dynasty

And tasting the camping noms twice

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Here at CampEats we've been "testing" all the components of the Provisions Packs over the last few weeks. From some very tasty lentil soup to some wicked carrot cake pancakes I think we have already found a few winning dishes that will be sure to please. We are also working hard to make sure they all work togeather in harmony as a weekend full of meals. 

S'mores and More our first Fireside Gathering was a Success

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A big thank you to everyone who came out last weekend to make s'mores with us at our first Fireside Gathering. We had a ton of fun and we've been able to gather a few "findings" about s'mores. To help distil them for your use we've created a top 10 list of what I like to call S'more Science. And let me tell you we used rigorous testing methodologies. Though they may have been clouded by the copious amounts of sugar from all the sweets, but we'll still share them in the name of all things that are fun about camping.