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Prepping for a camping trip in 5 simple steps

Random Outdoor, Travel, Trip PlanningJohanna Stein

Camping season is just beginning here in Northern California. We just got back from our first local excursion. This was the first time we took out our full kit in 2016 as our last trip was more of a hybrid camping-luxury-hotel-culture excursion. Getting your gear in order and planning for a trip especially the first time during a season has a few special quirks, but I think there is a pretty standard 5 step process to get ready.

What is camping?

Random OutdoorJohanna Stein

When you Google camping you'll find this seemingly straightforward definition. But when you dig a little deeper camping can basically be almost anything. The Wikipedia entry even defines it by saying "There is no universally held definition of what is and what is not camping." They rather choose to define it by the intent to spend time in the outdoors and the inclusion of typical activities.  

Nomable Campfire Faux Stuffed Pepper Stew

RecipesJohanna Stein

This was the first recipe we made using our new camping specific cast iron dutch oven. It was a welcome addition to our well used Lodge cast iron skillet. It is made of bare cast iron, which has similar heat retention properties to enamel cast iron. You might be familiar with the Le Creuset brand, which is what we use at home. Though you wouldn't want to use one of those on an open fire as it would burn the coating. And even with a dutch oven meant for the open fire the soot can get a bit intense. After this trip we bought a carrying case to limit the black to the pot.