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Paelo pancakes? - Flapjacks an age old travel food

Random Outdoor, How To VideosJohanna Stein

This weekend we went camping near Bodega Bay at our first Hipcamp. And as we were cooking over the campfire Dan mentioned how cooking over the campfire connects him with the taming of the west. It makes me think the complexities of travel have existed since the dawn of time. At least, there isn't much risk that our oxen will die crossing a river in modern day camping. 

But it did make me wonder what was the first camping-travel food? Good ole' National Geographic had a great answer. Our ice age predecessors took meat, veggies, fruit, and I was surprised to find but also pancakes on their journeys. With all of our technology and innovations the fundamentals when they work still work. 

On the other hand, I think our plastic bag no-mess pancake making technique might be next- level in terms of sanitation. It is one way not to die of cholera on the trail. Check out our quick video tutorial below.