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What is camping?

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When you Google camping you'll find this seemingly straightforward definition. But when you dig a little deeper camping can basically be almost anything. The Wikipedia entry even defines it by saying "There is no universally held definition of what is and what is not camping." They rather choose to define it by the intent to spend time in the outdoors and the inclusion of typical activities.  

Most of the CampEats products are designed for what I would call "car camping" or if you want to get fancy "glamping". I think there are really three factors that really define what kind of camping you are doing: 

  1. How far you will physically need to carry your items to use them - your schlep

  2. What kind of gear you have access to - e.g. what are the accommodations 

  3. What sort of elements you might be exposed to - aka the "nature" or seasonal conditions 

Asking these questions will then land you on a sort of "camping spectrum" on one side you have ultra-light backpacking and on the other you'll have RVing. 

What glamping doesn't look like - e.g. ultralight backpacking 

This photo was take 20 miles from civilization

This photo was take 20 miles from civilization

Characteristics of ultralight camping 

  • You carry all your gear
  • You won't see other campers
  • The views tend to be amazing
  • Weight is a major limiting factor 

Your typical glampsite - civilization isn't far from your fire


Characteristics of car camping 

  • Your gear should be portable but you are only limited by the size of your transport
  • At most campsites you'll likely encounter other outdoor enthusiasts 
  • You'll have access to amenities like a fire ring, flush toilets, and picnic tables 
  • Since weight is not a biggie deal you can eat all kinds of delicious noms 
  • What kind of gear you have really limits how posh your set-up might be