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What is cookin' with CampEats the business

Business, ProductsJohanna Stein

CampEats isn't just a blog where I talk about camping related topics. It is a company with a mission. And it will shortly have its first product that will deliver on the goal of "connecting families with nature using food".

To figure out what to make I talked to dozens of would-be campers about what blocks them from getting into the outdoors with their families. The resounding answer is the logistics of planning -- it just takes too much time and brainpower.  And for some folks who are a bit out of practice when it comes to camping they didn't even know where to start as they usually go with someone who leads the trip. 


Based on all the feedback and the awesome stories including one about a failed pea soup beer tortellini combination I started to formulate our first product. It's going to be the bones of a weekends worth of delicious camp meals in a box. I'm thinking about calling them CampEats Provisions Packs. They'll include the curated dry ingredients, a shopping list for perishables, a camp kitchen checklist, weekend meal plan, and outdoor cooking instructions. And if you are lucky enough to try one you'll also likely find they have a few other surprises included to help make memories, which is why people actually go camping.

You might be wondering what kind of noms are going to be in these CampEats Provision Packs. Well I am working on that. And if you are in the Bay Area please come for sneak peek on the 12th. But as anyone who knows me will tell you I am horrible at keeping mum. So here is a little dish, they'll have some amazing rice dishes and soups that are made right here in San Francisco by Sal De Vida. I had the pleasure of meeting the founder Adriana today to pick-up the goodies for our first batch of kits.

Things are shaping up to be very tasty!!