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Everything but the camping - building CampEats

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Husband and Legos

I am sitting here in what could be considered a bit of a disaster of a house and I am realizing It has been really a busy few weeks here at CampEats. No actual camping but lots of outdoor related fun. (My husband building mini campers - that is outdoor related right?)

We're hustling trying to make sure we've got the most delicious goodies come spring. And I promise the Provisions Packs are really starting to take shape. I've found all the pieces even the illusive "perfect" marshmallow, which was hiding under my nose at Kara's Cupcakes their shop is just down the street from my old apartment. 

I found out they made amazing marshmallows at the Winter Fancy Food Show. Yep I had to go to one of the world's largest food tradeshows and try hundreds of samples to find out that perfect marshmallow was hiding a few miles away. It also helped us discover some new partners like a mom owned breakfast cereal company out of WA.

The last few weeks has also brought some great feedback from our CampEats Fireside Council. These helpers road tested a few of the grilling rubs and couple soups that will be featured in the Provisions Packs. Here are a few snippets from their notes -- "This would be a great item for an overnight backpacking trip or car camping trip since it was so easy to use and created a wonderful glaze on the chicken." They also gave the thumbs down to some grain-free breakfast that didn't quite make the grade. My food scientist friend and I are of the opinion oatmeal just needs some oats. At least, we took one for the team and tried it before they were available on CampEats.

I am also planning an upcoming happy hour with the lovely Trail Mavens more info to come shortly on that one. You are also reading the blog post of a newly certified basic wilderness first responder. Yep, I am now slightly more prepared for things like a shark attack (yes the class discussed what to do in the event of one of those) or more realistically a sprained ankle in the backcountry. It looks like our tiny Lego friends are keeping it safe on their camping adventure.

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