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Beyond S’mores Campfire Popcorn

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Popped Corn

Running a business that creates camp food kits we’ve tasted our fair share of s’mores and they are delicious. But sometimes you are looking for a savory after-dinner treat to make over the fire. And popcorn fills that bill. Plus, many of us big kids have fond memories of making a certain kind of stove top popcorn that comes in a distinctive silver package.

You might not know this but the traditional stuff has trans-fat, and when you make it over the campfire you either need an extender rod or a heat proof glove. That doesn’t mean you can’t make the fluffy stuff over the campfire in a fun silver package. It just took me a little bit (a bunch of flaming popcorn) to figure out how.

Popcorn 1.jpg

Here is our simple, inexpensive campfire popcorn method that uses three ingredients popcorn, oil, and salt. (If you want to make a ton of popcorn we suggest you make it a pot using a camp stove same ingredients - this method is all about the fun factor). 

The corn

Single Serve Campfire Popcorn

Serves 1 - makes a large handful of fluffy fun


  • 2 tablespoons of popcorn kernels
  • 1 teaspoon oil - we prefer olive oil or truffle oil
  • pinch of sea salt


  • 1 roasting fork - we prefer the telescoping ones as they are easy to pack  
  • 1 five inch disposable pie pan
  • Oven mitts or fire gloves

Note: We repack our ingredients in shatter-proof containers for camping. But I would like to note you shouldn’t buy or store olive oil for long periods of time in plastic as it adjusts the taste.


Making Corn
  • Bend pie pan in half - it should look like a hand pie
  • Puncture holes with roasting fork then remove
  • Place popcorn kernels into the pie pan
  • Add oil
  • Add salt
  • Crimp edges of the pan to make a tight seal
  • Re-insert the roasting fork into pre-made holes
  • Hold pie pan over the fire wait till you hear rapid popping sounds 1-3 min
  • Remove from heat and open carefully using mitts or heat proof gloves
  • Enjoy!

This is a family friendly recipe, but kiddos or inattentive adults need a little supervision. It is very easy to go from perfectly popped corn to flaming disk if you aren’t paying close attention while cooking.

Popcorn on the fire