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Last Hike of 2015 - thoughts on the year

Random OutdoorJohanna Stein

2015 has been one complex year for our small family. It will go down as the year we made our commitment "official". We also closed a few chapters and started some new ones including starting CampEats. This afternoon we went on a magical hike on Mount Sutro here in San Francisco. 

During the walk toward the Fairy Gates, we happened upon a thicket of blackberries that were just beginning to ripen. They just reminded me that the sweetest things aren't necessarily those  you are looking for, but those you happen upon because you slow down and open your eyes. 

My personal theme for 2016 is that of reinvention. And I hope to spend a little less time just powering through and more time spent engaging with what is really important to me. Nature, family, and building community. I've shared a few photos of my most important stuff below.


My Important Stuff