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Test - Learn - Iterate Working to Fulfill Our Mission

Business, ProductsJohanna Stein

CampEats was started as an experiment with a mission. This endeavor has always been to get families to connect to the outdoors through food. But how we were working to do that has changed a few times. It is about to change again, and this won't be the last time. And that is totally normal. 

I attended the first SheVentures event to support some of my other lady founder friends from HipCamp, TheCampKit, and TrailMavens. Their founding stories all echoed the fact that starting something from nothing is full of adversity and requires dedication as well as adaptability. They each shared stories from the heart about how they continue to overcome self-doubt, lack of resources, and biases that come from working in an industry dominated by men. 

One thing they all had in common is they grow their endeavors using the "test and learn" product methodology pervasive in the tech start-up world.  And just like these ladies I am trying to figure out how I can best achieve CampEats' goal of increasing access to the outdoors sustainably. So I'll continue to talk to tons of folks about what they want to eat on vacation and how they'd like to buy supplies, cook food, and all around nom down. We did just that last weekend at the Sierra Club Wilderness Outdoor Weekend.

What I've learned recently is that folks are interested in the topic of camping food and cooking while on vacation. And that they could use some help in this area of their lives. However, it is becoming clear when folks buy food online they tend to do it from big guys like Amazon or REI.

That's where our new approach is coming from. So instead of bucking the trend we're moving with the wave.  And we'll be sharing links to products we think are great that you can buy on sites you know and love. But we'll also continue dabbling a bit in our own online sales with the PocketPantry because you can't find most of those products on the big guys. 

You'll also be seeing a lot more just general helpful content on about camping, cooking, and travel. That will let us focus on what we are truly passionate about, which is getting folks outside.