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Adventures in product testing - The question is the nom right for CampEats?

Products, BusinessJohanna Stein

That lovely squash mentioned in our last blog post made its way up to our roof deck and got all roasty on the gas grill. This was the third preparation of this particular roaster. The first was oven cooking, then a charcoal grill, and finally on the gas powered grill - all in my pursuit of recipe mastery. 

I am likely starting to drive Dan a little crazy because I want to make sure our "camping instructions" for each of the products we share are truly tested. In my opinion, all of CampEats products need to be a sure fire hit using the most common camp cooking methods. I think that is likely my yardstick of when something is "ready to ship" or aka be posted for sale on the site.

Maybe I am being a little too OCD, but I have visions of flaming squash and some sad person who wanted to be the camping hero ending up feeling like a loser. That is the last thing I want to happen when someone buys from CampEats. 

We've also moved into the territory of putting together complete meals that might end up in the Provisions Packs. The tasty squash is likely going to be paired with soup. I am loving it with Split Pea, which is a nice blank canvas for the sweet flavors of the squash. I would also serve it with a simple green salad. We tried it with a number of different options and with a bunch of toppings, but I think split pea with a little black pepper that is my favorite for our friend the squash. 

Progress is moving slowly for the Provisions Packs over the holiday. I haven't yet found them the right treats to end an evening around the campfire. I am excited to head to the Winter Specialty Food Show here in San Francisco in a couple of weeks. I hope to find a few "wow" treats that will really make some memories. Once I have those then I think the first version of the Provision Packs will likely be ready to ship.